Vigil held for valets killed Friday by a driver attempting to evade police

The valet drivers were struck by another driver who was fleeing from police

HOUSTON – Three valet employees at a Southwest Houston restaurant killed during a police pursuit have now been identified.

The Prospect Park restaurant identified the victims as Eric Orduna, Nick Rodriguez and Fnan Measho.

All three men died Friday night after a vehicle involved in a police pursuit struck them at a high rate of speed near the intersection of Fairdale Lane and Fountainview.

Eric Orduna’s mother Rose said she can’t stop thinking about her son’s final moments.

“What did he feel, did he feel that or just go. It hurts me so bad,” said Rose Orduna

Orduna described her son as a caring man.

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“A real good kid that just always thought of others,” Orduna said.

Fnan Measho, 18, was a Bellaire High school graduate and enrolled at the University of Houston-Downtown.

Measho’s father Leoul Berhe said through a translator that his son aspired to become a police officer and worked at Prospect Park to pay the family’s bills.

Berhe’s is unable to work because of a medical condition and Measho’s mother takes care of his siblings who range in age from three to seven.

“He was my son that took care of us who made us strong who gave us hope in life and that’s what we lost,” Berhe said.

Prospect Park held a balloon release and vigil for the victims on Monday. Several family members, friends and coworkers showed up to pay their respects.

A vigil will be held at 7pm Monday for the three valet drivers who were killed over the weekend

The Measho and Orduna families have both set up GoFundMe’s to help pay for funeral expenses if you would like to help.

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