DEA seizes more than 700 million pills in Fort Bend County

DEA believes 100 million pills may be on black market

Sugar Land, TEXAS – The Drug Enforcement Administration has effectively shut down a Sugar Land Pharmaceutical Company that they say mishandled millions of doses of controlled substances, many of them powerful pain killers and addictive opioids.

Wednesday and Thursday, DEA agents carted out more than 700 million dosage units of controlled substances, like the opioid Tramadol.

Federal agents allege that both Woodfield Pharmaceuticals, LLC and Woodfield Distribution, LLC failed to securely store and adequately keep track of millions of dollars in controlled substances that may have made their way to the black market, greatly jeopardizing the health of opioid addicts who may have bought those drugs from street-level dealers.

“Look, if you can’t account for the product, the likelihood of that being diverted onto the black market is very high. It was estimated throughout the investigation that approximately 100 million dosage units are unaccounted for”, said Erik Smith, Associate Special Agent DEA Houston.

The DEA alleges that Woodfield routinely stored millions of controlled substances in unsecured, warehouse isles and failed to report the theft of controlled substances, failed to report the loss of controlled substances and falsified records.

No arrests or criminal charges have been brought against anyone working for or involved with Woodfield, but criminal charges could be brought at a later time.

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