Man says Houston Astros organization, staff helped save his father’s life at Minute Maid Park

Family credits workers with saving his life

HOUSTON – A local man is thanking the Houston Astros organization and staff for helping save his father, who was having a heart attack, at Minute Maid Park.

Zachary Aitken tweeted about the incident, saying his father, Robert, 56 was having chest pains at the game and had to take a seat in the upper concourse.

“What was going through my head was panic because that was the very last thing I was expecting,” Aitken said.

He added that an employee at the stadium found him and called for the first aid unit.

“He had tightness in his chest, nausea, dizziness, sweating profusely,” Aitken said.

According to the tweet, the staff never left his side, even when he started to feel better when he was got his blood pressure and heart rate checked.

Aitken said after they took him to the first aid office in the stadium, an EKG test was done, which showed his father was having a heart attack. He said his father was then taken to Methodist Hospital in downtown Houston where he underwent an emergency procedure to save his life.

“They responded to him so fast that he made it to the hospital within that 90-minute window so they could put that emergency stint in and effectively save his life. There aren’t enough words to thank them enough for what they did. If they only knew what he means to me and my family. He’s our rock and if something were to happen to him I really couldn’t tell you where we’d be,” Aitken said.

“You know the first thing he asked?? ‘We left in the fifth and it was 1-0 Rangers. Who won?’ You won pop. You beat a heart attack and I will forever be in debt to the Astros for saving my father and best friend. GO STROS,” Zack tweeted.

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