Should UT, Oklahoma join the SEC? Sports fans weigh in.

The speculation and rumors regarding the future of the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma in the BIG 12 seem to be dominating most sports circles.

The topic has no shortage of opinions and was heavily discussed Thursday on the Matt Thomas Show on SportsTalk 790.

Thomas told KPRC 2 he believes that the move to the Southeastern Conference is inevitable but said it’s not based on a desire to renew rivalries but rather to gain revenue.

“They’re going to get more money than any other network. They’re going to make more money than any other conference. They’re going to have more prestige, more limelight,” said Thomas.

Thomas said one thing to consider is the impact on other universities including the University of Houston.

“I’d like to see what a Pac 12-Big 12 merger looks like, and how the Cougars can sneak in that way,” Thomas said.

Joe Pogge, a long-time fan and former President of the UH Alumni Association, said he is hopeful that Cougars might finally make a move to a Power 5 conference.

“We have a lot to offer. Number one: you got a basketball team where March Madness is an opportunity and the Final Four is a possibility. You have a world-class track team, a world-class golf program, a good baseball team and a tradition-rich football team,” said Pogge.

Pogge said what U of H does next will have a significant impact on fans, alumni and boosters especially if the Coogs can capitalize and make a positive move.

“I think you’ll see more fans in the seats and I think you’ll see more dollars put into the school,” Pogge said.

Texas and OU were both asked about the potential move but both said they don’t respond to rumors.

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