NTSB investigators detail what they are looking for in Tesla crash

THE WOODLANDS – A deadly Tesla crash near the Woodlands continues to make national headlines and raise questions.

Two federal agencies are now investigating the Saturday single-car accident, in which local investigators believe no one was behind the wheel when it hit a tree.

“We are looking at two specific areas within the crash,” said Chris O’Neil with the National Transportation Safety Board.

The NTSB sent two investigators to the crash in The Woodlands. The National Highway Safety Administration also has investigators in town.

Dr. William Varner, an anesthesiologist who worked at Memorial Hermann Woodlands, died in the accident along with his friend who has not yet been identified. According to investigators, one of the men was found in the front passenger’s seat and the other in the back seat.

‘No one was driving the car’: 2 men dead after fiery Tesla crash near The Woodlands, officials say

“Based on the reports that we have at this time, it could possibly involve an advanced driver assistance technology which is an area the NTSB has an interest in,” said O’Neil.

Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that recovered logs show the car’s autopilot was never enabled. This raises many questions about how that could be possible if no one was found in the driver’s seat.

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