‘Beyond grateful’: Austin couple shelters Houston woman who was stranded during winter storm

Austin couples takes in Houston woman for five days during winter storm.
Austin couples takes in Houston woman for five days during winter storm. (Chelsea Timmons - Facebook)

HOUSTON – A delivery driver from Houston shares a heartwarming story of one Austin couple and their kindness during the devastating winter storm in Texas.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Chelsea Timmons said she was delivering groceries to those preparing for the winter storm and trying to make some extra money.

Timmons said she was in Austin and planned to drive to Houston after delivering groceries to Nina Richardson and Doug Condon’s home. She said as she was driving to the couple’s house, she noticed the driveway was at an incline and hit a bush in the flower bed due to the icy roads.

“I was just grateful that my car did not hit the house,” Timmons told KXAN News.

She said the couple tried to help but the vehicle didn’t budge. Timmons said road conditions were worsening and AAA tow trucks were being used for emergencies, so Condon and Richardson offered her to stay the night. One night, turned into five nights due to the winter storm.

“These people let a complete STRANGER stay the night! Not only that but cooked me a STEAK DINNER! definitely not how I imagined my Valentine’s Day!” Timmons said in the Facebook post.

She said every day, the couple made her feel welcomed and did not want her to leave during the storm.

“Every morning after they say -- ’No worries, stay a bit longer.’ I go to ‘my’ room and shed tears of joy,” Timmons said in the Facebook post.

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