Cyberattack against Prairie View University closes campus, shuts down online classes

Spring Break will be canceled

Prairie View A & M University Main Entrance
Prairie View A & M University Main Entrance (KPRC)

HOUSTON – A major cyberattack against Prairie View A&M University on Feb. 4 forced the university to close its campus, cancel cases and shut down online classes.

The event immobilized the university’s major network systems, which impacted its ability to access day-to-day operational systems. The Cyber Response Team from The Texas A&M University System is helping the school’s IT staff to restore systems as soon as possible, the university said.

Coursework for students has been delayed since the event but eCourses, Zoom, email, and other systems associated with course learning will be available by Thursday, but access will depend on each individual to perform an account password reset, according to the university. Those who are still experiencing issues with the reset are asked to call the Help Desk at 936-261-2525 or 877-241-1752.

Classes were able to resume on Thursday because course rigor and meeting course learning outcomes are fundamental to instruction, degree and professional success, course contact hours must be made up, according to a news release.

The yearly syllabus will be modified and reposted to eCourses and the Course Listing site by Tuesday and all academic calendars will be updated on the web as soon as possible, according to the university.

The school said students who are enrolled in the first eight-week session courses will have their last day of class on March 16 with final exams on March 17.

According to a release, midterm exams will be on March 22-23.

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