System for COVID-19 vaccine crashes for Walmart, Sam’s Club pharmacies

HOUSTON – Pharmacies at select Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in Texas will begin administering the coronavirus vaccine starting Friday.

The retailer announced Tuesday that stores will receive allotments of the vaccines from the federal government. The process to sign up got off to a rough start though when the online scheduler system crashed.

“As far as we know the technical difficulties started yesterday evening. Our teams are working diligently to get it back up but I don’t have an exact ETA just yet,” said Amanda Trempert, health and wellness director for Walmart’s Market.

The retailers said its emphasis will be placed on locations that reach customers with limited access to health care services.

Ruben Alonso, a longtime Wal-Mart customer, said he’s not sure he wants the vaccine but knows many people who do.

“We lost the East Houston Regional Hospital so health care is kind of scarce anyway,” Alonso said. “My concern isn’t so much for myself but for the people that I come around, so if those higher-risk people have access to it then I think it’s great.”

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People can make appointments on the Walmart and Sam’s Club websites when doses are available.

More information, including a list of stores in Texas that will be administering the vaccine, can be found here.

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