Rosenberg’s Black Cowboy Museum raising funds to expand museum to Richmond

ROSENBERG, Texas – When you step inside the Black Cowboy Museum in Rosenberg, it’s like a walk back in time.

Pictures and posters of Black cowboys line the walls, antique saddles and rare riding relics too. All from an era not too many are familiar with.

“It’s important to know your past to know where everything came from, what everything is,” said owner and founder of the Black Cowboy Museum, Larry Callies.

Callies grew up roping calves just like his father. He went on to win several contests in the 1950′s and was the only second Black cowboy at the time to make it to state finals.

Callies wants the world to know the first cowboys were Black cowboys.

“The word itself came from slaves. The word ‘boy’ meant a servant and back in the 1800s, the Black cowboy was the only cowboy. The one that worked the cows, he was called a cowboy and the one who worked in the house, he was called a house boy,” Callies said.

Callies, who is also a former country singer, has been in many magazines, books and the New York Times. He is currently working on several books about the Black cowboy. He also plans to include a small library in the museum where children can go after school.

“What I’m trying to do right now is in the back room I used to have a saddle shop, we’re going to make a library out of that,” Callies said.

Callies is also raising money to purchase a historic home built in the 1800′s and secure 10 to 20 acres of state land close to the Brazos River.

Where he can continue to teach the world about the first cowboy ... the Black cowboy.

“What the Black cowboy did in the 1800s -- it was so important because they fed the whole United States and nobody knew that they were Black,” Callies said.

He is trying to get funding through the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation to help fund their new home. For more on how you can help the Black Cowboy Museum, click

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