Houston man says he’s a victim of excessive force at hands of Houston police

HOUSTON – A Houston man says he was a victim of excessive force at the hands of Houston police.

Monday evening, Attorneys for Aundre Howard released 23 seconds of bodycam video they say they just obtained from the Houston Police Department after the incident in July 2019.

The clip, which is part of more than four hours of police bodycam video obtained by defense lawyer Maverick Ray, shows two officers chasing after a handcuffed Howard.

One officer repeatedly yelling at the other, “Just f-ing shoot his a**!”

After the brief foot chase, one officer catches Howard and appears to hit him over the head multiple times using a pair of handcuffs.

“He had his handcuffs around his fists, he punched me like four times in the back of the head. Then as he walked me off, he hit me on the side of my head, leaving a scar. I had to go to the hospital,” Howard said.

Howard is heard on the video pleading with the officer to stop, saying “Alright bro! You got it bro, you got it bro!”

“I was scared, I didn’t know what was going to happen,” Howard said in a news conference Tuesday morning.

The incident started when officers pulled Howard over for an expired vehicle registration, a traffic stop that his attorneys say immediately took a turn.

“After watching 10-13 minutes of the videos, my stomach dropped in disgust. No one being pulled over for expired registration deserves to be handcuffed, to be groped on their crotch,” said Howard’s defense attorney, Maverick Ray.

In a portion of video unreleased by the attorneys, Ray claims an officer can be heard wondering what he might find as he grabbed Howard. Ray said that’s when his client, who was handcuffed, ran away.

"Things need to change in the Houston police department said civil rights attorney Randall Kallinen, who also represents Howard.

Kallinen said he is considering filing a civil lawsuit against the Houston Police Department.

“They need to be punished for what they done, it was wrong,” Howard said.

Howard was charged with evading arrest and possessing a controlled substance in this case.

HPD said it’s Internal Affairs division is investigating the incident.

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