Neighbors complain of rampant graffiti in Mission Bend

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Some neighbors along Winkelman road in Harris County are concerned about graffiti, which they believe references gang activity. The markings popped up on fences, signs and a building near the intersection with Lindita Drive about three or four weeks ago.

“Go deface your (own) fence. Why you come over here and tag us,” said neighbor Kim Goins.

Rodolfo Tax, who said he lives in the area, said he was less concerned about the damage and more concerned about the motive.

“Probably like I’m saying, they’re trying to recruit some people. Somebody else to join them,” he said.

KPRC 2 asked the Harris County Sheriff’s Office about the issue.

“Just because you see some gang graffiti doesn’t in and of itself mean gang activity has to be on the increase,” said Sgt. Erik Larson. “It’s simply one indicator that’s part of an intelligence picture you try to build upon what’s going on.”

For example, Larson said if there was a string of violent crime in the area that might indicate the two are connected. The neighbors we spoke with said they have not seen an increase in problems but the graffiti is still concerning.

“I believe that everybody’s concerned when they see something like that,” Rodolfo said.

Goins said she reported the incident to law enforcement and now has cameras.

The sheriff’s office said if anyone sees something they should call deputies.