19-year-old woman accused of stealing political signs in northwest Harris County

HOUSTON – A 19-year-old woman was charged with theft after being caught on video stealing political signs in a northwest Harris County neighborhood. The signs belonged to Rosalind Caesar, a Harris County Municipal Utility District 304 candidate.

"I know somebody targeted me. This girl drove all the way from Montgomery County to snatch my signs,' said Caesar.

A Harris County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the Silverglen North subdivision and found eight signs totaling about 240 dollars in the suspect’s trunk.

The woman claimed she was just relocating the signs to a nearby subdivision and said she didn’t know it was illegal to take political signs.

“She claimed her dad knew us. She knew us, but she kind of gave us all these fictitious stories,” said Caesar.

Caesar recovered the signs and plans to put them back up. She said she hopes this serves as a reminder that taking political signs is illegal.