Non-profit Crowdsource Rescue to help residents in Louisiana

HOUSTON – A Houston non-profit organization is preparing to help those in the path of Hurricane Delta.

The organization CrowdSource Rescue helps connect rescuers from all over the country to people in need during natural disasters.

It tweeted pictures showing the first of 13 teams headed to Lake Charles ahead of landfall.

The teams include 120 volunteers with boats, high water rescue vehicles, equipment and supplies.

One team coming from as far away as North Carolina.

Their focus is to check on residents, clear debris and assist first responders.

“They’re going out with these huge trucks, boats, chainsaws just looking to help people,” said Matthew Marchetti, founder of CrowdSource Rescue.

The effort started during Hurricane Harvey in 2017 to help people from a local church.

They ended up rescuing thousands of people and the mission continues today.

“We’ve helped rescue over 50,000 people in hurricanes all along the Gulf and East Coast by connecting them to nearby neighbors,” said Marchetti.

To request help or offer help, people can visit crowdsourcerescue.org/hurricanes.

“What we found is this is a continuous need. People go out, neighbors are helping neighbors, people are asking on social media so just playing a little small role in that exchange helps more people, help people,” said Marchetti. “We do it faster and more efficiently and ultimately it means more people are getting help on the ground.”

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