Legally blind woman gets new scooter from donors after thief steals, destroys original

Funds raised to buy theft victim new scooter
Funds raised to buy theft victim new scooter

HOUSTON – Kristine Murray is riding her new scooter but looks more like a fighter pilot ready to take on the world.

The northwest Harris County woman is back in business after some stole her original scooter and then trashed it beyond repair. Murray, who legally is blind, depended on the scooter for work, going to the grocery store and visiting family, as she is unable to drive a vehicle.

“After my scooter was stolen I was lost and felt like had no freedom,” Murray said.

KPRC 2 introduced viewers to her two weeks ago, shortly after police found the scooter and arrested the thief who stole it. The scooter was damaged, repainted and parts were missing. Murray went to Houston Motorsports in northwest Harris County to look for a new scooter hoping to find one she could afford. She caught a manager’s attention.

“I saw the story on Channel 2. And I, ‘Oh I know that lady,'” said sales manager, Jay Phillips. “And then the other people got involved and it all came together and worked together and got this lady a new ride.”

The other people included friend Vivian Marlatt, who set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for a new scooter.

“People know her from her job, she’s a sweet gal, she’s just wonderful,” Marlatt said. “She has tenacity, she never gives up, and she just needed a hand up.”

Mark Stephens, a retired officer, donated the remaining funds. Murray said she now can ride with confidence and faith, knowing the world still has people who care.

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