‘Worse than me going through cancer,‘: Spring woman hospitalized twice while battling COVID-19

HOUSTON – A Spring woman who was hospitalized for more than three weeks because of COVID-19 now says she’s back in the hospital after being discharged.

Kelley Warrick, 49, said battling the coronavirus has been tougher than her battle with cervical cancer a few years ago.

“Went through chemo, radiation and to be honest with you, I must’ve been lucky because this is so much worse than me going through cancer,” she said.

Warrick said she went to Memorial Hermann The Woodlands on June 17 with a fever and tested positive for COVID-19. She spoke with KPRC 2 through Zoom from her hospital room.

“I have never smoked a day in my life. I have perfect lungs before I got this. I’ve been here over 25 days and my lungs are still not recovering,” Warrick said.

The hospital discharged her on Friday, July 10, Warrick said, which her mom thought was too soon given her condition. The next day, she was back in the hospital.

“I wasn’t even at home for 24 hours,” Warrick said.

Memorial Hermann said it couldn’t talk about a patient’s treatment because of privacy rules.

In a statement, the hospital said, “Patients are discharged after their provider determines that they are medically stable for discharge and there is a safe discharge plan in place.”

“I do understand it hits people differently but you don’t know how it’s going to hit you so it’s not something to mess around with,” Warrick said.