State, national lawmakers push HPD Chief Art Acevedo to release narcotics audit in Harding Street raid

Push for HPD narcotics audit release
Push for HPD narcotics audit release

HOUSTON – State and national lawmakers continue to push Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo for the release of an audit in the wake of the deadly botched Harding Street raid.

The internal review of the department’s narcotics division was ordered after the last year, which took the lives of husband and wife, Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas.

One of the few people to actually see a redacted copy of the audit is state Representative Gene Wu, a Democrat representing the 137th district.

"It is in the public's absolute interest to know what's going on with their own police department," Wu said.

Wu, along with state Senator Paul Bettancourt, was one of a handful of lawmakers who obtained a copy through legislative privilege. They aren’t allowed to release the report’s findings but Wu says he’s seen no legitimate reason to keep the audit from the public.

And in a statement, the Houston Police Officers Union said, “The HPOU supports the release of the narcotics division audit so long as any ongoing investigation is redacted. The redaction is necessary to protect our officers and any informants.”

But Wu said that information is not in jeopardy.

"I have been a former prosecutor. I've looked through this report," he said. "Even if knew what the redacted portions were I could not piece together individuals because everyone, even the undercover informants they're listed by number."

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