These are the 40 things local residents said they would change about Houston if they could

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We love Houston but no place is perfect and even Houston’s die-hard fans have to admit there’s always room for improvement.

So we put the question “If you could change one thing about Houston what would it be?” to Houston residents and what we got back were hundreds of responses ranging from the predictable (weather, traffic, zoning, flooding, etc.) to the, well, novel. A couple of residents called for the complete removal of In-N-Out Burger locations from our great city. Another asked if Houston could kindly move itself a tad closer to South Padre Island.

From the practical to the impossible, here are 40 ways Houston residents wish they could change the Bayou City for the better:

“Traffic and teach drivers how to Merge into Traffic instead of stopping.the on ramps are made so that you can get up to speed.and why does the left lane stop people are Horrible Drivers in Houston.” - Bob Mack

“Heat and Humidity but I love everything else.” - Mary Dawson

“I love our city! I love our mayor! I would like to see some collaboration between Weingarten properties, Landry’s corporation and a very wealthy individual solve the homeless issue that plagues Houston. We have many of the richest people in the world here. They could fix it.” - Kelly Sumners

“Zoning would have been nice.” - Susan Pierce Phillips

“Better freeways and get rid of carls Jr in and out and the people that think its better than whataburger.” - Jesse Ruiz

“Putting sidewalks on ALL streets!” - Ann Frazier

“Bring the oilers back!!!!!” -Lawwrence Young

“It's a toss-up between the weather and the scenery.” - Greg Gentry

“Taco trucks on every corner!!!! 🌮🌮🌮🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘.” - James Colunga

“Put sensors on all of the traffic lights instead of having the timers. Keep traffic moving and stop wasting people’s time.” - Andy Watts

“Bring back AstroWorld!” - Zachary Hughes

“More sidewalks and better public transportation all over the city.” - Stephanie Mendoza

“Move the pretty South Padre beaches closer to us! :)” - Leslie Latimer

“Remove in n out and all the people from Cali.” - Gabriel Aguirre

“Put a bubble around the city and have cool air all the time.” - Gray Goodman

“Wish we didn’t have flooding!” - Marrisa Montes

“Make down town like riverwalk in san antonio, make the rail system like chicago or new york.” - Mike Penske

“Send all cowboys fans back to San Antonio and Dallas where they belong.” - Sergio Garza

“Make public schools accessible to all kids and not by zip code.” - Gama Rosila

“Hurricane season.” - Roy E. Caldwell

“Traffic, more light rail to the outer parts of the city would help.” - Allen Bunk

“Stop the flooding. Get mass transit like normal major cities. Heck bring back freakin Astroworld. Oops that was more than one lol.” - Kammi Núñez

“Better systems in place to eliminate the flooding and stink from poor sewage systems.” - Tatiana Werlinger-Guldager

“Stop building these new houses on top of each other. This isn’t the north east.” - Tre Tre Douglas

“Better pay for blue collar workers and lower level workers= Happy employees making decent money= providing for the family and making them happy= peace and unity.” - Anthony A. Portillo

“Solve Houston's homeless animal crisis. Kinder Houston Area Survey says 64% of respondents want to spend more tax dollars to solve the stray animal problem.” - Jill Archibald

“I wanna make BMX racing at Rockstar Energy Bike park a bigger thing than it is now. I want to see a Houston Pro team and include as many kids as possible. I think they would love it.” - Alex Rivera

“Mosquitos! Humidity is a close second.” - Liam Goudeket

“Get a Wienerschnitzel…” - Taylor Made

“Nice to have view of mountains and not of highways and buildings 😬.” - Roy Al

“All the signage and billboards everywhere.” - Kate Ahrens Cevallos

“Road Construction! 🚧” - Freddie Bud

“Summers and flash flooding.” - Sarah Lee

“Stop building everything in the Galleria. Too many restaurants, not enough affordable activities.” - Carol Ann

“A proper amusement park would be cool.” - Eric Robbins

“Its lack of topography.” - John Lummus

“Tidy up the horrible overhead cables.” - Michelle van der Walt

“No Yankees.” - Aaron Coker

“Political leadership.” - Sherry Boudreaux Pabitzky

“Casinos.” - Esiquio Hernandez


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About the Author:

Briana Zamora-Nipper joined the KPRC 2 digital team as a community associate producer in 2019. During her time in H-Town, she's covered everything from fancy Houston homes to tropical storms. Previously, she worked at Austin Monthly Magazine and KAGS TV, where she earned a Regional Edward R. Murrow award for her work as a digital producer.