When some of Houston’s craft breweries plan to reopen after getting green light from Gov. Abbott

Houston craft breweries gearing up to reopen Friday

HOUSTON – Houston’s craft breweries are big business and for the last several weeks the taps have been dry. But, following Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement Monday, breweries like No Label Brewing Company are getting ready to reopen Friday.

No Label Brewing Company. co-owner Tom Paynter said while the brewery has been closed, they have been putting new measures into play to keep patrons and workers safe in anticipation of the impending reopening.

Paynter is pushing all of his business outdoors so the taproom will have no seating. They will also switch from glass beer mugs to plastic.

No Label Brewing Company will reopen Friday at 3 p.m. at 25% capacity, in accordance with Abbott’s guidelines.

However, while No Label Brewing Company will be one of the first establishments to reopen on Friday, 8th Wonder Brewery says it is not planning to reopen for a couple more weeks.

Saint Arnolds Brewing Company will also not reopen dining until after May 22 but will still be offering curbside pickup.

KPRC 2 reached out to Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company as well and is yet to hear back from them.

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