Harris County scores an ‘F’ in social distancing, data says

Metro Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO)

HOUSTON – Harris County scored an "F" in a social distancing scoreboard.

The data was provided by Unacast.com and its goal is to empower organizations to measure and understand the efficacy of social distancing initiatives at the local level.

To create the scorecard, they focused their scoring on three different metrics: Percent change in average distance traveled, percent change in non-essential visitation and decrease in human encounters (compared to the national baseline).

Here’s a breakdown on Harris County’s numbers:

• Harris County received a "D" in having a 25%-40% reduction in average mobility (based on distance traveled)

• Harris County received an "F" in having less than 55% reduction in non-essential visits

• Harris County received an "F" in having less than 40% decrease in encounters density compared to national baseline

Click here to see how Harris County compared to other counties.

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