Takeout Shoutout: Ambrosia in Montrose

HOUSTON – Ambrosia is a Pan-Asian tapas restaurant that specializes in delicious and innovative, smaller dishes that are meant to be shared amongst everyone in your family or group of friends.

That means, you should order at least four or five different dishes and share them with those you love. The menu at Ambrosia is just too diverse to describe, but a quick look will give you hunger pains.

What we love about Ambrosia is the honesty of the food. The food is creative and loaded with flavor. It is created by Elena Kundu, who is part-owner of the restaurant, along with her husband.

If you are susceptible to heartburn, I would recommend you take an Omeprazole before eating because these dishes are not tame, they are packed with spice and flavor and are incredible.

Ambrosia is located in a place that you could drive by and miss very easily, but once you have visited it, you will never forget it.

The next time you hunger for something unique, give Ambrosia in Montrose a try.