SUPPORT LOCAL: Get to know Knead to Relax Massage Therapy, whose owner aims to 'help create long-term results rather than just temporary relief’


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How did the business start?

Owner Renee Kelley was first introduced to massage at 5 years old by her grandfather, who got her to run his shoulders while he sat on the porch drinking coffee. From there she grew up working on friends and family and eventually found that it was her calling in life. After massage school and licensure, Kelley worked for a local physical therapist and for a local spa before heading out on her own.

“I’ve found the most success in being genuine, kind and treating my clients exactly how I’d like to be treated," Kelley wrote to KPRC. “I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. My work is dedicated to helping individuals reach their health goals to help them feel better. I aim to work at the source of the issues, if possible, to help create long-term results rather than just temporary relief.”

What services does Knead to Relax Massage Therapy offer?

Knead to Relax Massage Therapy provides full-time hands-on, customized massage sessions which include your health intake, discussion of treatment, long term massage goals. Kelley also includes aromatherapy, hot steamed towels and hot packs on a heated table in every session, except for prenatal massages or when otherwise contraindicated for your health and safety.

“Most clients see me for some sort of chronic pain, range of motion, pre and postsurgery, injury issues or preventative care, although I see clients who just want to relax and destress as well,” Kelley wrote. “I also enjoy providing prenatal massages for expecting mothers.”

Where is Knead to Relax Massage Therapy located?

Knead to Relax Massage Therapy is located at 26119 Oak Ridge Drive.

How can you support this business during the coronavirus pandemic?

You can help this business by purchasing gift certificates or packages for future visits or by booking your next massage appointment online for when it reopens.

Packages can be shared with friends or family and gift certificates don’t expire. The business is offering 25 percent off services for military service personnel, both past and present, as a thank you for their service.

Visit Knead to Relax for more information.

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