This is how many job applications H-E-B has received since they started hiring for short-term positions

Long lines, empty shelves at San Antonio-area H-E-B
Long lines, empty shelves at San Antonio-area H-E-B (KSAT)

HOUSTON – Texas’ beloved grocery store saw a sharp rise in job applications since last week.

After H-E-B announced that they were hiring short-term employees to keep up with the shopping demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, they received at least 50,000 applications, H-E-B confirmed with KPRC 2 on Friday.

The majority of those applications were for checker and stock positions.

H-E-B had to stop accepting applications due to the growing demand. There is no word when they will begin accepting again.

This comes after the Texas grocery store announced in a news release that they will hire short-term workers to keep the stores stocked for shoppers who are preparing for the pandemic.

H-E-B worked on a variety of ways to stop the spread of the virus without risking closure to the public, including the practice of social distancing in checker lines, installing sneeze guards on each cashier line, and trucks arriving at stores every day to keep items stocked. They have also placed product limits on certain hot items such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer.