Klein ISD officials, parents react to presumptive positive coronavirus case within community

HOUSTON – At home playing basketball with her 12-year-old daughter Alexandra, Grace Trevino has recently learned that Klein ISD has identified a person who has tested presumptive positive for coronavirus.

On Friday, Klein ISD officials said the person is not a student or staff member, teacher or administrator. They also didn’t reveal the age or gender of the person. The district said that the person is now self-quarantining at home with family.

Trevino said she is glad that the district has ordered all schools to be closed next week.

“I always error on the side of caution and I am glad the schools are going to stay closed," said Trevino, a hard-working mother of four. “As a parent, I do not want my kids to get infected with this strange disease.”

Just down the street, Brian Rasmussen is watching his two young daughters playing in the driveway. He too is happy that Klein ISD is closing schools down.

“It’s a good move at the right time," Rasmussen said.

But he is most concerned about testing for coronavirus. He said he believes the U.S. is lagging way behind the rest of the world in the number of people tested for the deadly virus.

“There just hasn’t been enough testing," Rasmussen said. “Other countries are doing it on a large scale and we are not and that does not make sense. We need to do more testing to find out who has this and who doesn’t and we need to find that out now.”

In the meantime, Klein ISD maintenance workers are deep cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing close to 400 buses and all school campuses.

Klein ISD will reopen on March 23.