Intoxicated driver who crashed into fire station in SE Houston identified, police say

HOUSTON – Police said an intoxicated driver who drove straight into Fire Station 18 in southeast Houston Wednesday night has been identified.

Officers said the crash happened at around 10 p.m. in the 600 block of Telephone Road. According to officials, a black car driven by 38-year-old Christopher Wayne Rogers came speeding into the fire station and slammed into the front of the building. Police said Rogers was arrested for driving under the influence and could be charged with intoxication assault of a peace officer.

Assistant chief Ruy Lozano said the vehicle hit the lounge area where firefighters were hanging out right before the accident. Lozano said the car also hit a row of refrigerators and one firefighter was injured.

"We think he was hit by a refrigerator. All the refrigerators were knocked over. We don’t know exactly where he was, but we know he sustained an injury to his head,” Lozano said.

On Thursday morning, KPRC 2 got in touch with the firefighter who was injured. He told us he got a cut on his head and had to get stitches. He was released from the hospital last night and is at home resting.

City of Houston workers have checked out the damage left behind at Fire Station 18 in southeast Houston.

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