List: No school in Texas sent more students to Harvard, Princeton and MIT than this Houston private school

St. John's School - Facebook (Terry Vine)

HOUSTON – A Houston high school made it onto a list which ranks the best high schools in the nation based on the number of students sent to three top-tier universities.

St. John’s School, a private coed K12 indepedent school, ranked No. 41, along with six other schools, in the “Best High Schools in America” list created by aggregator site PolarisList.

The list was based on cumulative data from 2015-2018 college graduating years, according to the site.

The Houston school, located at 2401 Claremont Lane, had 11 students enrolled at Harvard, nine at Princeton and five at MIT during that time period.

Here is a list of other Texas cities which made the top 200:


63. St. Mark’s School of Texas - 21 students

93. The Hockaday School - 16 students


120. Westlake High School in Austin - 14 students


127. Plano West Senior High School- 13 students


171. Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science - 11 students

To view the list of 1967 schools, click here.

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