More charges filed in connection with crash that left El Campo ISD student dead

BEASLEY, Texas – The driver and two other people have been charged in connection with the crash that left an El Campo ISD student dead.

What happened?

James Ocanas, Jr., 17, was killed in a fiery car accident on Saturday, Jan. 12, just a few months away from graduation.

Authorities said the El Campo High School senior was the passenger in a vehicle driven by Lee Cruz Trevino, 19. Trevino had been driving recklessly on Lum Road in Beasley around midnight when he hit a curve in the road, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into multiple trees, authorities said.

A witness who lives at a nearby house rescued an unconscious Trevino from the vehicle prior to it catching on fire.

Authorities said Trevino fled the scene and didn’t make any attempt, as far as they know, to help his passenger.

Trevino returned to the scene hours later, was identified as the driver and was charged with reckless driving and criminally negligent homicide, authorities said.

Ocanas did not survive the crash.

What’s new?

The Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office said Wednesday that after further investigation, authorities had made more arrests in connection with the deadly accident.

According to a news release, authorities charged Trevino, a server and another adult who they said overserved alcohol to both Trevino and Ocanas.

“I commend the efforts of Precinct 4 to identify all those involved in this fatal crash to ensure the safety of our community,” said Fort bend County District Attorney Brian Middleton. “This senseless tragedy could have been avoided if those involved had just cared a little more.”

Authorities said Edith Melendez was arrested and charged with serving alcohol to a minor and overserving an intoxicated person. Trevino was charged with accident involving injury or death and additional charges are pending.

The third person charged was Trevino’s brother, 25-year-old Vicente Joshua Castillo. Authorities said they have made several attempts to arrest him but he is currently on the run.

Vicente Joshua Castillo, 25.
Vicente Joshua Castillo, 25. (Fort Bend County)

Authorities said that if anyone see’s Castillo they are advised to contact Fort Bend County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office or the DA’s office.

What’s next?

The Fort Bend County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office will continue to help deputies in their investigation.

“It’s important for the citizens of Fort Bend County to know that we’re here and we are going to continue to do investigations like this one on any kind of vehicular-related death," said Alison Baimbridge, an expert in intoxication manslaughter cases for Fort Bend County, at a press conference Wednesday morning.

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