Plague of pigs cause damage to Lockhart State Park golf course

Park offers 50% off all golf-related fees to help make up for the park’s conditions

Wild hogs (stock) and damage from the Lockhart State Park. (KSAT) (KSAT)

(KSAT) – Lockhart State Park rangers have their hands full as they work to combat a plague of pigs that are taking over the golf course.

Between 35 to 50 feral hogs are causing quite a bit of damage to the park’s golf course over the last couple of weeks, tearing up terrain, causing muddy patch circles and essentially making a mess.

Park official Austin Vieh says although this has been a problem for the golf course every year, this year in particular is “the worst they’ve seen so far."

Despite the course’s damages, officials say it is still playable.

Attention Golfers: Our historic golf course at Lockhart State Park has experienced a large increase in damage by feral...

Posted by Lockhart State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife on Monday, January 27, 2020

As a courtesy to golfers, the park is offering 50% off all golf-related fees, which includes green fees, cart rentals and pull carts, to help make up for the ‘less-than-ideal’ conditions.

As of Friday, rangers are still working to trap and remove the hogs, repair the damage and prevent them from returning.

Vieh says the hogs are becoming aware and are choosing to shy away from the traps. So, rangers are having to change their traps and capturing tactics as they work to remove them.

Volunteers are already set to help clean up the damage next week, but Vieh says anyone else who is interested in lending a hand is more than welcome to.

To volunteer, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website here.