Contractor accused of theft for securing deposits but never doing the work

HOSTON – A man said he paid a contractor to do home repairs but the never got done.

Sebastian Vautier said the contractor ripped off him out of $1,800.

“In the end, we realized we were never going to see our money back," he said. "He was not going to do any work for us.”

Turns out, the Vautier family wasn’t alone.

Investigators with the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office arrested 71-year-old William Herrington Wednesday. He was charged with aggregate theft and is also believed to have targeted several others in Houston between July and December 2019.

Herrington is accused of taking upfront money to cover the costs of supplies for the repair jobs but never actually following through.

“He kept coming with some excuses: gas leak, major infection, blown tire and everything like this,” said Vautier.

After months went by, Vautier finally notified the authorities, who later made the arrest.

He said although only four victims have been identified, Vautier is almost certain there are plenty more.

“If you want to keep him off the streets, you need to bring more cases so that the DA understands that this is serious,” he said.

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