How often do shark attacks happen in Texas waters?

By Christin Edwards - Associate Producer
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

HOUSTON - The chances of having a dangerous encounter with a shark in Texas waters are not as common, according to the safety and security website Safewise.

There have only been 11 reported shark attacks in Texas between 2007 and 2016. All of the attacks are listed as unprovoked.

Here's a list of the attack locations and years:


  • 2010: Eight Mile Beach, surfing
  • 2010: Galveston, fishing
  • 2011: South Padre Island, surf fishing
  • 2011: Mustang Island, wade fishing
  • 2011: Grass Island, wade fishing
  • 2011: Sunday Beach, swimming
  • 2011: Folletts Island, standing or boogie boarding
  • 2013: Surfside Beach, swimming
  • 2014: West Beach, kneeling in the water
  • 2016: Off Surfside, spear fishing
  • 2016: Pirates Beach, floating in tube

The state with the most shark attacks is Florida with 244.

Beach-goers shouldn’t worry about encountering a shark if they plan on hitting the waters. Safewise says people are more likely to die from the flu, be in a car accident, or be struck by lightning than be attacked by a shark.

To make sure your chances of meeting a shark are even lower, Safewise suggests swimming with a group, staying close to shore and not going in water with an open wound.

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