Haven't filed your taxes? You're not alone

HOUSTON - The IRS numbers for March show 12 percent fewer people have filed their income taxes compared to the same time last year, but more people are going online for help and to find out when refunds will arrive.

If you are waiting for your tax refund, the fastest way to check the status is IRS.Gov - Where's My Refund interactive tool. Refund status should show up 24 hours after you e-file or four weeks after mailing a paper return on the website, according to the IRS.

H&R Block said some of its clients saw a refund status change after that problem with the Educational Tax Credit, Form 8863. The filing error could delay up to 600,000 tax refunds filed between Feb.  14  and Feb. 22 , according to the IRS.

H&R block said it is working with the IRS and affected clients to make sure all returns are processed correctly.

If you haven't filed yet and you make less than $51,000 or are a senior citizen, there is free help available.

Visit IRS.gov or aarp.org to find out about the free tax help sites.

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