Freeport police post about young "speed racer" is too cute

The post has been shared by dozens

By Erica Young

The Freeport Police Department posted this adorable picture on its Facebook page.

FREEPORT, Texas - A social media post by the Freeport Police Department is being shared online, and the "cuteness factor" may have something to do with it.

The post on Facebook shows Officer Christian Flores standing next to a little boy in a toy car, posing as if he had pulled over the tiny "speed racer" for a traffic stop.

The adorable post includes a backstory that includes a grandfather telling police that his grandson took the car for a joy ride.

"Grandpa then asked for his grandson to be found and stopped. Officer Flores began searching for this renegade driver and soon located him in an empty parking lot practicing his moves," Freeport police wrote. "Folks, you have to nip this kind of behavior in the bud. If not, kids might start thinking the world should rotate around them!"

The post has already received hundreds of "likes" and dozens of "shares" on Facebook. People are also having fun with the post in the comments section.

"Good job officer. Our streets are a lot safer now. This is so cute," Melissa Soto wrote.




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