Exploring Barbara Bush's passion for animals

HOUSTON - Barbara Bush's many passions include her love of dogs.

At the Millie Bush Bark Park -- there's a barking question -- What's in a name?

"Millie Bush. I didn't know that was Barbara Bush," Beverly Clayton said.

Millie Bush Bark Park is named after Bush's late Springer spaniel -- Millie.

Clayton and her dogs, Chloe and Puggy, go to the park daily.

The same goes for Dillon Davis and Megan Ramey -- though Ramey's connection to Millie and Mrs. Bush -- goes farther back.

"She used to bring her dog, Millie, up to my elementary school, Barbara Bush Elementary," Ramey said.

Millie had a front row seat to history -- and cameras loved her -- like when she gave birth to a litter of six in 1989.

Bush has a passion for animals. The park -- which opened in 2003 -- highlighted her passion.

"It's a great way for dogs to get to know each other," Clayton said. "I love the Bushes. My thoughts and prayers go out to Mrs. Bush."

"Hopefully she has a pet to keep her company and everything 'cause I know the love from an animal is super great," Ashley Giron said.

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