Crosby ISD increases reduction in staff, total number nearing 130

By Megan Kennedy - Digital News Editor
Crosby ISD

CROSBY, Texas - The Crosby Independent School District laid off more employees Wednesday and announced a number of voluntary resignations and retirements. 

The school said Tuesday that it would lay off 33 employees, but by Wednesday, that number grew to 95. Voluntary resignations and retirements from the school have reached 34, making the total reduction in workforce 129. These numbers include teacher, custodial, bus drivers, janitorial and other positions.

Those who are being laid off will say their goodbyes to the district on Nov. 2, according to the district. Citing a "comprised financial state," the school said it would impact professional and at-will staff. 

Superintendent Scott Davis released the following statement Wednesday:

"We knew these days were coming, and yet, no amount of emotional preparation could have fully prepared us for the most difficult and necessary step of informing our beloved employees that they would no longer be working for Crosby ISD.  Today we have concluded these conversations and our hearts are heavy, our minds too overwhelmed by the emotional complexity of this to fully process what has transpired over the last two weeks.  There have been few moments of respite from this sobering and humbling reality that we face as an organization and as a family. We’ve pressed forward one day at a time, one decision at a time. I think this is all we can ask of ourselves and those around us – keep pressing forward. That being said, this part of the reduction in force process is over. Any new vacancies from this point forward will be posted and any of our employees whose positions were dissolved may apply. 

"I think the sadness is evident today across the district. I can tell you with resounding conviction that the sacrifices made by so many will not be in vain. It is up to all of us to be certain that this district survives and thrives again. Tomorrow we will return to work and together we will keep pressing forward. We will tackle the day’s challenges one day at a time. We will make decisions to rebuild our district one decision at a time. We will continue to press forward. It will take time to adjust to living a new normal and I can ’t promise that it will be a perfect process, but I can promise that the resolve to recover will carry us through the challenging times ahead. 

"I’ve been a part of the Crosby Cougar Family for only 16 weeks and I know that I lead an outstanding group of people in our schools.  The community has wrapped its arms around us and taken care of so many needs the way families do for one another. I am proud to be here. I wouldn't wish these circumstances on anyone, but we have grown in unforeseen ways and we ’ve all witnessed that unspoken resilience that is the ultimate trademark of this community.  Crosby ISD will survive."

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