Businesses brace for impact of 610/59 construction

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - When it comes to traffic and Houston’s freeways, the one thing that’s constant is change. 

“I don't know where to start,” Erin Reed said.

Reed said she owns Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack on Westpark near South Rice, not far from the Galleria area’s multi-million dollar road construction project that’s about to get underway, the I-69/I-610 West Loop Interchange. 

VIDEO: 610-59 Construction Phase One Map

“They kind of just built all around us so we're used to the growing pains as far as the city goes and the construction,” Reed said. 

She’s been in this spot since 1985, survived 59 being widened in 1989 and the construction of the Westpark Tollway more than a decade ago. 

“When they were building the tollway, we almost went out of business because they closed this section of Westpark,” Reed said. 

Phase one of the project starts this summer and will take a year to complete. It entails widening I-610. 

The I-610 exit ramps to Fournace will also be closed and rebuilt.

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“It’s going to be hard to get here, I'm sure,” Reed said. 

She is confident she’ll survive this too. She is already working on a plan to keep her customers informed of the best way to get to her restaurant. 

“We have a lot of devoted regulars. People love us and people are going to find a way to get here so we'll make it happen. We'll make it work,” Reed said.

Initial Construction Process

Phase 0:

  • Utility relocations: Late 2017 – Summer 2018

Phase 1:

  • Key projects: Summer 2018 – Summer 2019
  • Sound walls along I-610 SB and I-69 SB Freeway
  • High Mast Lights
  • Portions of I-69 NB to I-610 NB I-69 SB to I-610 SB, I-69 SB to I-610 NB and I-610 Main lanes
  • Close And Reconstruct I-610 Exit Ramp To Fournace
  • I-610 Widening
  • Storm Sewer Work – I-69 NB main lanes and South Rice Ave
  • Construct SB Post Oak Blvd

What to know about the construction schedule:

  • Seven-day standard construction work week
  • Minimized direct connector closures
  • Minimized lane closures
  • Smart Work Zones
  • Night time freeway closures

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