Bolt Street problems: Resident claims partygoers are to blame for trash, vandalism

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - The problems on Bolt Street started with trash being dumped beside the road.

The problems grew from there, according to resident Sharon Hall. She told KPRC2 that someone then turned up the volume on the Sunday fun day celebration in her southeast Houston neighborhood.

"There's DJ equipment and everything's sitting outside. There's a party every Sunday, every game day. Every Texans (game) every Cowboys (game)," she said.

Hall said she tried the right approach and called the police hoping someone would turn down the music. Instead, she said, after the call, someone broke the window out of her car.

"I think things are escalating because it seems every time I call, they're coming out even more," she said.

That was last month.

She said there was another loud party in her neighborhood last weekend. She said she again called the police.

After that call, she said someone spray-painted a giant “X” on her garage door along with a vulgar name.

"I just feel like it's escalating to violence. I'm going to go today and get me some no trespass signs up. That's what the police have stated. Because I'm going to protect myself and my daughter because I have to," Hall said.

Hall said she wants the trash to go away, the volume turned down and the attacks to stop.

"I don't think that's a reason for your property to be coming up destroyed. Or someone coming up to your door and starting to harass you," she said.

KPRC2 contacted Hall’s city council representative. A representative for Council Member Dwight Boykins said the office would reach out to Hall to see how they could help.

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