911 call released after 1-year-old child shot in legs during car ride

HOUSTON - A mother headed home with her 1-year-old son and young daughter initially didn’t realize someone in a car alongside her was shooting into her vehicle.

She called Precinct 5 constables when she heard a loud pop. Recordings of the call to the dispatcher were released Thursday.

Here is a log of that initial phone call.

[LISTEN: 911 call released after 1-year-old shot in both legs while riding in car on Jackwood]

Dispatcher: "Precinct 5" (baby crying in background of call)
Mother: "I live in Meyerland and I was driving down Mullins and a car passed me and fired a gun into the air."
Dispatcher: "What was the location?"
Mother: "Mullins and Beechnut. I don’t know what kind of gun it was. But it was really scary."
Dispatcher: "What kind of vehicle was it?"
Mother: "Um it was all black, um, not an SUV but one of those crossover ones, I guess."
Dispatcher: "A sedan?"
Mother: "Not a sedan. Like one of those small hatchback. I guess it might have been a small SUV. But it was not a sedan."
Dispatcher: "Who was in the vehicle?"
Mother: "At least the driver and a passenger. The passenger was firing."

Her baby can be heard crying in the background of the call, but his mother didn’t realize yet that he’d been hit by a 9mm bullet.

"The noise was very loud, so I attributed to him just being scared by the noise," the mother said.

Once she got home, it quickly became apparent what had happened.

"There was a bullet hole in the door and there was blood in his car seat," she said.

Police believe two cars were involved in the shooting. They’re still trying to find them.

A gray Nissan Maxima, with damage to its front end and the left side, and a black Nissan Versa are the vehicle descriptions they have released.

[WATCH: Jackwood child shot in leg surveillance video]

While the search for those responsible for the shooting continues, the child is home from the hospital, but he’s still a long way from being healed.

"(The) bullet actually entered the rear passenger door, went through his car seat, entered his right leg, exited his leg, grazed his stomach, entered his left leg, broke his femur, nicked his femoral artery and exited the left leg," his mother said.

The little boy is wearing a cast on his left leg and undergoing therapy that could still lead to serious complications.

Houston police are asking for help to identify the suspects. Houston Crime Stoppers has increased the reward for information to $10,000.

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