Family remembers woman killed in August; boyfriend is wanted in connection with her murder

HOUSTON – Gerson Pena, 22, is wanted in connection with the death of his girlfriend Emily Contreras.

In August, Contreras was shot in the head at a home on the 10000 block of Revelstoke Drive.

Pena claimed the couple was fighting over a gun when it accidentally went off, fatally wounding Contreras and striking him in the arm.

Contreras’ father, Robert said his family never believed Pena’s account of the shooting. He claims Pena was abusive.

“The family members including myself had the feeling he did it because he was always violent,” Robert said.

Not a day goes by that his daughter isn’t on his mind, he said. He remembers her as smart, funny and well-liked. She was also a mother of three children including a newborn.

“She was very happy because she had a newborn that was two months old and she got two boys first and now she had the little girl. She was taking pictures, planning what she was going to do with her when she grew up,” Robert said.

He said his daughter’s life was cut short and he wants the person responsible off the street.

If you have information on Pena or his whereabouts you’re asked to call the Harris County Sheriffs Office.