Three different crashes cause major traffic on Houston highways, one fatal


HOUSTON – One person is dead after a crash Tuesday afternoon in the southbound lane on I-610 East Loop near the Ship Channel Bridge, according to Houston police.

In addition to the fatal crash, there are two other major crashes on Houston’s highways. There is a heavy truck crash at SH-288 Northbound at SH-6 in Brazoria County and on I-10 there is an accident in the Westbound lanes at Mercury Drive involving an 18-wheeler, UPS truck and a tractor-trailer.

The crash on 610 had traffic built up for hours. For a while all lanes on southbound 610 were closed.

Houston police said around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday that truck carrying a Gooseneck trailer stalled and pulled over to the middle breakdown lane. Police said the truck driver put warning triangles behind the trailer, but that wasn’t enough with cars zooming by at 60 miles per hour.

Police say a small red car hit the trailer, ejecting the driver of the red car onto the roadway. The driver of the small car did not survive.

Tequeria King was just two cars away from the crash.

"It was really scary because in the blink of an eye it just happened... just like that," King said.

King was in the Southbound lanes on 610 when the crash took place. It’s not something she will soon forget.

"I just keep replaying it in my head...I don't know,” King said. “It was just really loud."

Police shut down the lanes for most of the evening. The police said the truck driver is cooperating and was not intoxicated.