Firefighters from several stations respond to apartment fire in southwest Houston

HOUSTON – More than 100 firefighters battled an apartment complex fire on the city’s southwest side Wednesday night.

Investigators said the report of a possible fire at the Sterling Point apartments came in after 7:30 p.m. Multiple fire stations were called because of the elements and the cold weather.

Not long after the initial responders arrived the smoke became heavier and that’s when additional firefighters were brought in to help fight the flames.

“It’s part of our guideline to make sure we have enough companies because that expression when you need them it’s too late so we try to get them here early so we can use them at the right time,” HFD Shift Cmdr. James Pennington. 

Three units were damaged and a couple more were impacted. It’s believed the fire may have started in a second-floor apartment unit. There were no injuries as a result of the fire.

In addition to the heavy smoke and needing to evacuate a lot of residents for their safety, firefighters said the elements played a role in why close to 125 firefighters responded. 

Firefighters are looking into the cause of the fire. The Red Cross has been called to help the families who were displaced as result of the fire.



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