TikTok video of Texas teen eating 10-patty Whataburger is a true gem

10 patties. 5 slices of cheese. A TX teen's will to survive them.

ALLEN – A North Texas teen is a testament to anything can be achieved if you set your mind — and gut — to it.

“Whatever it takes!” That echo of encouragement was among the hype Ethan Mueller received as he wolfed down a Whataburger with 10 patties and five slices of cheese in Allen.

Read that again: 10 patties.

Mueller reached viral status on TikTok, a popular platform for editing videos, after the recording was posted, gaining more than 2 million views.

But first, that video. Where do we start?

There’s laughter, there’s support, there’s concern, but most of all, there’s determination.

Dozens of youngsters crowded around the 17-year-old as it took him 20 minutes to eat the behemoth.

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At certain points in the minute-long video, a sidekick wipes his mouth, employees howl “Ethan! Ethan!” from the kitchen and a worker comforts him with a T-shirt.

Blake Reynolds, 18, told Mashable that he wanted to “tell a story” with the truly beautifully edited video.

"The way I shot it made it tell a story, building suspense for when he actually finished it," Reynolds told Mashable. "Viewers would all feel like they just witnessed the impossible."

Now, the reason behind Mueller’s attempt.

Reynolds told Mashable they landed at Whataburger as part of a youth group outing.

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Mueller wanted to beat his previous record of a seven-patty burger, Reynolds told Mashable.

Whataburger told USA Today that they’re unsure about the record for the number of patties consumed on a single burger, but obviously commended Mueller anyway.

According to USA Today, Mueller also downed an order of large fries and two Dr. Peppers — now THAT’S that a true Texan.

While he kept it down like a champ in the video, Reynolds told the paper he “threw up a few times” afterward.

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Still, Mueller’s presentation and Reynolds' editing are a sight to see.

As of Wednesday morning, the video has received more than 681,000 likes and 22,000 shares.

That means the video has either made you nauseous or hungry. If you're like Mueller and want to stray from your typical Whataburger order, see a video below of ideas for Whataburger pairings.