Crime Stoppers, HPD address safety issue on push for bail reform in Houston area

HOUSTON – Law enforcement officials say there is an ongoing public safety issue in Harris County due to a broken bond system that allows for violent offenders to be easily released back on the street. 

Here is what crime stoppers are saying

Crime Stoppers of Houston victim advocate Andy Kahn said there is a staggeringly high number of violent offenders on the street. 

“There are roughly around 3,000 defendants currently out on bond for aggravated offenses included capital murder, murder aggravated robbery and aggravated assault,” Kahn said.

He said many of the violent offenders have committed more crimes while out on bond. Kahn said the recent murder of taco truck owner Enrique Ayala was at the hands of 21-year-old Anthony Conway who was out on bond for assault.

Harris County District Attorney’s Office view on Bond Reform

District Attorney Kim Ogg is pushing for change amid a federal lawsuit calling for bond reform that doesn’t address the issue of violent offenders released on low cash bonds or PR bonds. 

“We need a legislative fix -- to remove cash bail from constitution to allow preventive detention,” Ogg said. 

Houston police Chief Art Acevedo is calling for a change in the bond system to prevent dangerous and violent offenders from being released. 

“We see judges behind closed doors at these courtrooms letting repeat violent offenders off on low bond or on PR bond or what they think is a magic pill that's an ankle monitor because somehow they think an ankle monitor prevents you from pulling a trigger,” Acevedo said.