Exclusive Furniture presents Deputy Dhaliwal's family with donation after tragic death

HOUSTON – While he may be gone, the memory of Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal continues to thrive across the Houston area.

Dhaliwal was laid to rest Oct. 3 after he was killed in the line of duty during a traffic stop just days before. 

Multiple organizations and businesses donated money to his family in the wake of Dhaliwal's death, including Papa John's, the Adriatic Café Italian Grill, Exclusive Furniture and many more.

Like many other establishments, Exclusive Furniture hosted a fundraiser to help raise money for the family. 

CEO Sam Zavary met Dhaliwal 24 years ago and decided to help because he had the means and it was the right thing to do.

"I started this business 21 years ago and people from Houston are the ones that supported me and it's just right to give back." Zavary said.

He met with the family Tuesday to present them with a donation totaling $31,850.

"The tragic murder of Deputy Dhaliwal has devastated our city," said Zavary. "I met Deputy Dhaliwal on several occasions and like everyone who knew him, I cannot say enough wonderful things about him.  As a family-owned business, we are committed to giving back to our community and we want to give back to this family who have lost their husband and father.  We join the entire city of Houston in mourning and remembering a man that served with honor."

Dhaliwal's father was there to receive the donation. 

"Thank you very much for supporting the family, kids during this difficult time," said Pyara Singh Dhaliwal.

The fundraiser went from Oct. 3-5 and 10 percent of all sales were set aside for the family.

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