How this Mexican grandmother gained over 800K subscribers on YouTube in a month

She captures the hearts of many with her culture, food

Courtesy: Dona Angela - Youtube
Courtesy: Dona Angela - Youtube

A Mexican grandmother has taken over social media by storm after her YouTube channel gained more than 800,000 subscribers in one month.

Dona Angela, of Michoacan, Mexico, was featured on DeadState.org after her channel, De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina (From my ranch to your kitchen), garnered more than 12 million views.

The unique part is, she only has 13 videos posted. 

Most of Angela's videos are of her cooking traditional Mexican cuisine such as huevos con chili rojo, mole de rancho, gorditas de comal and many more. She cooks on her ancient brick stove at her ranch. 

Her traditional recipes have captured the hearts of many and her channel is still growing at a fast pace. Check out her channel here.

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