INSIDE LOOK: SA Zoo uses acupuncture to treat Komodo dragon Bubba's arthritis

Bubba gets acupuncture treatment at San Antonio Zoo

SAN ANTONIO – One of the longtime residents at the San Antonio Zoo received some helpful treatment on Friday to get him back on the move.

Bubba, the zoo's 25-year-old Komodo dragon, received acupuncture therapy from zoo veterinarians and staff to help with his arthritis.

Bubba has had some difficulty moving his lower extremities so he receives the treatment when needed. The session usually lasts about 20 minutes.

Dr. Rob Coke, the zoo's head veterinarian and adviser for the Komodo dragon Species Survival Plan, administers the treatment with other staff.

The therapy session also includes more traditional forms of medicine and B-12 shots.

The acupuncture therapy stimulates Bubba's nerves and muscles. 

Bubba has lived at the San Antonio Zoo for his entire life.

KSAT got an inside look at the therapy during GMSA at 9. Click on the video above to learn more!

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