Teen discovers growing tumor is actually her twin sibling she absorbed

Doctors even found multiple teeth

Photo: BMJ Case Reports
Photo: BMJ Case Reports

(Inside Edition) – A 17-year-old discovered that the painful, growing tumor on her stomach was actually her twin she absorbed in utero, according to Inside Edition

Doctors were surprised to find "hairy cheesy material, multiple teeth and structures resembling limb buds" as they removed the mass from the teen's abdomen. The mass had been growing in size inside the Indian teen's body for the past five years, according to reports. 

"I was much worried about my abdominal lump, after operation I am feeling very well and my abdomen is now flat and my parents are also very happy. Thanks to all operating doctors," the teen said in BMJ Case Reports

The teen was diagnosed with fetus in fetu, which is a rare condition that usually occurs in infancy and child age groups, according to BMJ Case Reports. The condition is believed to happen in about one in 500,000 births but less than 200 cases worldwide have been reported, the "Inside Edition" reports. For the patient to be 17-year-old makes the case an extremely rare condition.

The symptoms started to present themselves within the patient's teen years. The patient said she had on and off again abdominal pain, no appetite and wasn't losing weight. 

The surgery to remove the mass was successful and the teen has not had any problems since. 

Inside Edition and BLJ Reports were the first to report this story. Click here to read.

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