Couple charged with faking pregnancy, birth and death of baby for gifts and money

SOMERSET, Pa. – A young couple in Pennsylvania is facing criminal charges after police say they faked a pregnancy, birth and death of a child in exchange for gifts and money. 

Police say Geoffrey and Kaycee Lang claimed to have given birth to a baby boy on July 3, but said he died a few hours later.

A few months prior, they apparently had a baby shower at a friend’s house in Cook Township, Westmoreland County.

Police say that friend came forward and told them they believe Kaycee fabricated the whole pregnancy.

Police say pictures of that baby posted on social media appeared to show a newborn lookalike baby doll.

When investigators questioned both Geoffrey and Kaycee Lang, they claimed the baby died from respiratory distress syndrome and Kaycee was discharged from the hospital right after giving birth.

But then state police officers did some digging. They checked with the Cambria County and Somerset County Coroner’s Offices, the hospital in Johnstown, the ob/gyn, and there was no record for baby Easton or Kaycee Lang.

The Langs claimed the baby was cremated at Hindman Funeral Home but the funeral home said they've never cremated Easton Lang.

Police say they did a search of their house in Somerset Township and found a lifelike baby doll and a personalized urn inscribed with the name Easton Walt Lang.

The couple is charged with fraud and theft by deception

Police say there was also a GoFundMe account made to help pay for funeral expenses where the couple collected more than $500 from family and friends.