El Paso remembers victims as memorial at scene continues to grow

EL PASO, Texas – The El Paso community is remembering the 22 lives lost in the devastating massacre at the Walmart in El Paso Saturday.

Vigils took place throughout the weekend. Crosses, flowers, candles and notes lay at the scene, blocked off by DPS.

Crosses for Losses 

Greg Zanis, of Aurora, Illinois, started Crosses for Losses to help families of victims mourn. On Monday, he helped to organize 22 white crosses to be put up as a memorial at the Walmart. Volunteers and loved ones of the victims carried the crosses to the memorial site.

The first cross was carried by Tony Basco who is the life partner of Margie Reckard.

"I was blessed when I got her because she wandered into my life. It was a miracle," Basco said.
Volunteers held other crosses.

"I'm from Las Vegas, so I've seen these crosses before. Carrying it made it close to home," Elisa Slider said.

Remembering more victims

Angie Englisbee's family last heard from her when she was telling her son she had to check out from Walmart.

Englisbee did not survive the shooting.

"I'm so sorry for your loss," said one woman to Englisbee's family who was at the memorial.

The gunman is now behind bars, facing capital murder charges, while federal investigators treat the investigation as a case of domestic terrorism.

Andre and Jordan Anchondo died while protecting their 2-month-old son.

"Baby Paul was recovered from the crime scene with his mother on top of him and we got word that Andre jumped in from of his wife," Andre's uncle said.

El Paso Strong

Stories of bravery overcome this act of hate. Jazlin Osorio, a mall employee, returned to the scene to bring flowers. She has been off since the shooting. She said her coworkers turned to each other for comfort.

Walmart employees also returned to the memorial Monday to lay flowers. 

 "We are a community and we need to stay strong," Osorio said.