Warrant issued for DNA of man accused of sexually assaulting psychiatric hospital patient

The mug shots of Adetokunbo Lufadeju.
The mug shots of Adetokunbo Lufadeju. (DPS)

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A warrant has been issued to collect the DNA of a man who is suspected of sexually assaulting a hospital patient at St. Joseph Hospital last year.

What we know

According to court documents, the victim was resting in her room after receiving treatment at the hospital on Oct. 21, 2018, when 46-year-old Adetokunbo Lufadeju, who was also a patient at the hospital, entered her room and approached her with his hand out as if he wanted a handshake.

The woman said he pulled her hand down, grabbed her by the shoulder and then got in her bed and lay behind her, according to court documents.

The woman said she couldn't react because she was in shock, according to court documents.

The victim told authorities that Lufadeju then attempted to have sex with her, but she squeezed her legs tight to stop him.

She said Lufadeju didn't say a word during the act, which she said lasted no more than five minutes.

DNA evidence confirmed the woman's story that Lufadeju ejaculated in her bed, according to court documents.

Surveillance video showed Lufadeju entering the woman's room for a few minutes around the same time she said she was sexually assaulted, according to court documents.

A warrant was issued on July 25 to obtain Lufadeju's DNA in order to compare it to the DNA collected at the time of the assault.

Lufadeju is currently in the Harris County Jail.

What Lufadeju said

Lufadeju told authorities he had sex with his ex-girlfriend from Africa named Barbara, according to court documents.