'I am going to f*** you up': Man arrested, accused of stealing bulldog

The mug shot of James Washington, who is accused of stealing a dog on May 3, 2019.
The mug shot of James Washington, who is accused of stealing a dog on May 3, 2019. (KPRC2)

HOUSTON – A 20-year-old man accused of stealing an English bulldog has been arrested, according to authorities.

James Washington is charged with robbery.

What happened

Washington is accused of stealing the dog from a couple in a Walmart parking lot in May.

According to court documents, the bulldog's owner had paid $2,500 to a local breeder for Trudy.

The owner kept Trudy for a while, but according to court documents, a time came where she needed to sell the dog.

The breeder from whom she had bought the dog referred her to his son, later identified as Washington, according to court documents. The breeder said Washington wanted to buy the dog as a birthday gift for his daughter.

According to court records, Washington asked the dog's owner if Trudy was fixed and if she had a chip before meeting at the Walmart at 2391 S. Wayside Drive on May 3 to complete the transaction.

The dog's owner and her husband arrived at the Walmart with Trudy to meet Washington, court records said. The breeder told the dog's owner that Washington would show up in a black Honda Accord and that he would approach her.

Washington approached Trudy's owner and her husband, and after a brief conversation about the dog's training and paperwork, Washington picked up the dog and said "This is what's going to happen: I'm about to take this dog and I am going to run and if you say or do anything then I am going to f*** you up," according to court documents.

Washington then left the area, authorities said.


How was Washington identified?

Washington was identified through surveillance video that aired on the local news.

A Crime Stoppers tip came in and he was arrested.

Trudy's owner identified Washington through a photo lineup.

What happened to Trudy?

The dog has not been returned to the owner and its whereabouts are unknown.