'Baby turning purple': Infant recovering after spending 12 hours in hot car

MOBILE, Ala. – A 4-month-old boy is recovering after spending 12 hours in a hot car over the weekend.

Jermius Scott spotted the baby as he was walking to his car outside of his Mobile, Alabama home Sunday morning.

"When I saw him cry it almost made me cry so I hit one time and it bust," Scott said as he motioned hitting a back car window with his elbow.

Tarance James immediately stopped getting ready for church and came rushing out of his home when Scott called him for help.

"I see the baby turning purple, it was sweating, I looked at the scalp...it was dry and had dandruff," James said.  "So, when they got the baby out of the car and the back was wet, the pamper was wet, the baby wanted to cry but it couldn't cry, I'm like oh man."

Mobile Police say the baby's father was supposed to be watching him, but accidentally left him in the car Saturday night around 10 p.m.

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